I dislocated my shoulder twice when I was little. Both times were super traumatic for me, and I have carried fear in my shoulder ever since. For as long as I can remember, I’ve prayed that it would never happen again, and this fear prevented me from moving my body – in sports, recreation, dance, play, etc. During a session with Charlotte, she paused at my right shoulder (the one that was injured as a kid) and asked me if there was anything there. I was shocked that she picked it up without me mentioning a thing about it. I explained what had happened, and told her that I had a “huge phobia” that surrounded it. She gently corrected my language, saying that we can call it fear instead of a phobia, because the word phobia suggested that it wasn’t real. I almost cried. She told me we would clear it, and as she worked, I felt a wave of light flush through my arm. It’s been about a month now, and I’m still amazed at the space that has been freed up in my shoulder – and my life – as a result of our work together. Charlotte is raw, real, vulnerable, and magical. Her work encourages growth and transforms lives. The way she lives – alive and artfully – is really beautiful. – Leah

Charlotte empowered me to work through seemingly impassable barriers and find my forgotten inner power. – Steve

I loved being part of the “Developing Your Gifts” workshops with Charlotte Rose. I felt held and loved in a sacred and safe space to share my hurts and joys. We laughed and cried as we both were healed. My gift of healing was profound and is always with me as I continue to explore and integrate my truths and share my story. Thank you Mama Rose – Naomi

Mama Rose is a talented and compassionate healer! I had an amazing experience at her guided healing session. During the session she allowed me to feel comfortable and provided a relaxing environment. Her healing experience allowed me to release built up energy and be more in tune and open to my own spirituality. Since the session, I have grown tremendously in my healing journey, enhanced my own intuitive abilities and have gained more clarity on my life choices. I trust Mama Rose and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to begin a journey of healing! She also provided great education and tips on how I can heal myself and maintain balance in my life. She truly has a gift and I look forward to booking more sessions with her! – Emily

Charlotte gave me a reading which was spot on. She gave me great advice and guidance which made me feel more hopeful. She reassured me that I was on the right path. I would absolutely recommend her and thank her for her kindness. – Sandhya

Charlotte thank you so much for taking the time to give me a reading! Even with an pretty open question I left you with you managed to bring back very great and helpful information! That I have been looking into and digger deeper to better myself! It was so easy to just chat with you! Thanks again for everything! – Bri

I was blessed enough to have one of the first readings by Mama Rose focused on me! It felt like she was in my head. She’s extremely skilled at articulating hard to reach topics. She has a way of understanding that makes you know she’s connected. And she’s also very sweet and down to Earth! I’m so happy she and I are part of each other’s experience! – Janel

I had a reading from Charlotte and  I have to say had a preconceived idea of what it would be like. I was expecting her to say something like you are going to meet someone new, find a new job or coming into money etc. To my surprise I met a genuine soul with truth to be told to me and no mention of what I thought! Charlotte gave me clear, concise information that I knew as she spoke, connected to my soul. Charlotte is a gentle, beautiful soul who I truly believe knows and feels things different than many. I was always drawn to her spirit and knew she had something spectacular to share. I have to say I was so happy our energies intertwined and I was told things that for that day that helped me to make a decision, a hard one, not to go with my doctors’ idea of healing but instead to go with my own spirit’s way, holistic. She told me that I had a block and I felt that. So, I say be amazed by this beautiful soul and try it! It can do no harm!  I say, have a reading from her, you too could have some truths you need to hear! Thanks Charlotte, it was a beautiful, connecting experience that confirmed things I already knew and that you knew too. – Mary

Charlotte is a channel of light and love. You can feel it whenever you interact with her whether in a session or out and about. She is able to transform the heavy dense energies of anger, sadness, and guilt to those of appreciation and understanding, and brings healing to those areas in your life. I received crystal and healing touch from Charlotte during my pregnancy. She created and maintained a space to open and release my fears. She provided me with phrases of affirmation, which truly helped during birth. I feel light and ready to take on challenges whenever I am done talking with her. Her intention and practice of receiving energies and transforming them can help anyone who is willing and wants to feel acceptance, wholeness, and full of love. – Gabbie

First off I would like to say that I think of you as my spiritual guide so that you understand where I’m coming from, because I know you do a lot more than just that. As far as my experience goes it’s honestly quite hard to explain the impact you’ve had on my life in words. I feel it is something that needs to be experienced to be fully understood. There have been multiple times in my life where I am struggling with something or unsure about things and then you post something that directly correlates to my exact situation and helps me take my next step forward. I would say to anyone curious about their own spirituality or anyone interested in growing more spiritually and finding deeper meaning in everyday life that you have a few answers to their questions. Being a very open minded person myself I know it’s easier for me to understand the things you talk about on this particular subject and to those who are confused after listening I would only repeat what I said earlier. It is something that you have to experience first before you can fully understand. It’s quite amazing how everything is connected if you only pay attention. – Tyler

I wanted you to know that I have always thought you were a beautiful person inside and out. You’re a very positive influence on all of the people around you and we enjoy your smiling face. I appreciate your genuine kindness and think you are a brave, good soul. Thanks for being you sweetie. – Linda

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