to higher self from little self

i’ve realized that it’s hurtful to always think of what i am not doing.

and to always type instead of letting ink flow from my hands.

i want to love myself so fully, so deeply, that i never turn back.

but i hesitate to leave what feels safe.

i pray to I that i find my peace on a larger scale of living.

smoke and mirrors be gone.

i pray for gratitude only.

Higher self, please, today show me everything in it’s true form. Show me myself in all of my light and shadows and how each edge that cuts through one and the other runs over into something new. Show me my duality and show me who I am whole. Tell me it’s okay to ask for forgiveness. Teach me how to receive. Balance me. Bring me peace and the openness that rests in my feminine waters. Thank you for my masculine, do, do, do. I want to receive now, I want to find rest in action. I want to find ease in healing. I want to understand what it is that I am made to do. Dearest Higher Self I am in gratitude today for living. I have beautiful children, a partner who is finding health, warm spaces filled with sunlight… and inside myself, warm spaces filled with sunlight. Higher self, please absolve what I no longer need. I am finding the courage to spread my wings, please show me safety in abundance. Please provide for me uninhibited wealth and love and health and food and warmth and light and opportunities that are fun instead of overwhelming. Please take what I no longer need. I am grateful for the space to adjust, for the new day to fit into. Higher Self, please show me today who I really am and what it really means to be. Me. Show me now that I deserve to know. Give to me the knowledge that is rightfully mine. Share with me everything that is rightfully yours. Show me my strength in all of the places I am afraid to touch, to feel, to breathe into, to let live. Protect for me everywhere that I am protecting. Show me my hands and the power I hold. I am ready to open. I am ready to receive. I am open. I am receptive. I forgive myself. I love myself. Thank you Higher self for another day.