God, Thank You For Freezing Time For Me

God, Thank You For Freezing Time For Me

See, when I asked, I didn’t know that you already knew what I wanted

And I didn’t know we’d already carved the path and run water down it filled with little wooden boats to see which could float the way and which would capsize far too soon

I didn’t know you were watching or that you knew who I am

Farsighted… I recoiled in my pain, fearing that my dreams would gestate so long that I reabsorbed them

So long that I’d fall at the feet of someone else’s vision and repeat the same mistakes agian and again and again

More pain, more fear, more pain, more fear, more pain, more fear more fear more fear


Dawn. Day broke records in half, like those songs we were singing were never meant to last

And you sent birds a’perch my windowsill and sent them tunes, new tunes, to sing me as I learned, again, to walk

And then run

And then climb

And now dance.

I feel honored to have met you so many times God. In absence and in space, in freedom and in joy, in pain and in pain and in pain…

And I thank you for not leaving me even when I thought that all was lost because now I’m finding that the path is far wider than I ever knew and other shoes on other feet are walking closely

I never knew I wanted connection so bad but now I do.

God, thank you for freezing time for me, for a while, so I could sleep.

(Written freestyle, “off the top”)