The Law of Intention

Stay grateful! “Thank you (Source, God, Self, whatever) for giving me, in EVERY moment, exactly the experience that I need to bring love and compassion to the parts of myself that need it. Thank you for showing me my wounds by creating the pain that matches them in my external world so I can go inward and bring awareness to them. Thank you for manifesting my highest intention always which is living in authenticity, love and effortless peace.” All manifestations, however we judge them, are bringing us to the emotional state of love and mental state of clarity where we can be fully aware of our highest intention as it manifests so that we don’t continue to manifest what feels like “resistance”, It’s all healing and if we are grateful for all of it we don’t continue to create experiences in our external reality that show us the same pain in our internal reality. In essence, I’m suggesting that we (because when I’m talking to you I am always also talking to myself – we’re in this boat together!) be grateful for ALL of our manifestations ALWAYS.

If it seems like you are getting good at manifesting, you’re not! What’s happening isn’t that you are all of the sudden manifesting more quickly… you are manifesting at the same speed you always are, the unfolding of the present moment only has one speed and it is “now”. What’s happening is that your awareness is expanding so that you are aware of your intention. Intention is law in this universe and you will find yourself seated in your power when you allow intention – which is set at a higher-self level – to unfold without judgement. Judgement is what “Law of Attraction” folks often call “resistance”. Our highest intention is always manifesting, so, to be anything but grateful is pretty silly. With that said, we can be present with the pain, fear and other emotional responses that our “manifestations” create in us internally and THAT is how we say “yes” to healing. That is how we accept the gift of the manifestation. That is how we allow our fears to live, to rise and then to fall and die. We move through these emotions and thought patterns that “don’t serve us” when we allow ourselves to feel them and hold the emotions and ourselves in love and compassion as we do so. I put “don’t serve us” in quotation marks because in reality, everything we create (manifest) serves us.

So, the Law of Attraction is not something you are mastering. What you are mastering is your awareness of self. As your perspective expands to include more of you, you can see that you are both in the passenger seat and the driver’s seat simultaneously. All that is needed for the effortless unfolding of desires that reflect your highest truth of love and joy is to recognize that, in essence, you are nothing but awareness itself.



Mama Rose <3