Thoughts on unified field theory, existence, choice and creation as I sip bitter foam…

I’ve always understood this conceptually:

When one is fully relaxed one is fully in harmony with the Universe as a whole, on every scale and level of existence, every other being, every thing, every vibrating particle, everything. This allows all parts to move fluidly, taking the path of least resistance which always provides the experience most joyous to the one who experiences it. Obviously, if every being was living this way our world would be completely harmonious and peaceful, no need would go unmet and each individual would have the full support of all others and the Universe at large.

I also understood this conceptually:

We don’t fully relax and let go because we look at our current reality and we are afraid. We then make decisions based in this fear which perpetuates it. The lack of fundamental understanding of one-ness, which includes the truth that we do not die but simply experience perspective shifts, gives rise to the fear that we can be harmed by another and inspires individuals to act out of fear which we call “protection” and “safety”. Actions based in fear do not ever produce true protection and safety. Actions made from any vibratory frequency (energetic starting point, emotional platform, mindset) are only able to produce more of that same vibratory frequency (energy). We look at our reality in any given moment and think that we need to protect ourselves from the “other” when in reality there is no “other” to protect ourselves from.

I realized this:

To escape from the conundrum of experiencing fear and reacting to it, which creates more fear to then be reacted to with more fear, we must stop reacting and instead choose to act. I put this principle in action in my life and in doing so continually see astonishing results that transform my world-view at a constantly accelerating pace.

And then I realized this:

I am not actually doing anything. I’m not taking any action or thinking any thoughts. I’m not making any movements, I’m not causing anything to happen. The person that I have imagined to be me (Charlotte) doesn’t exist. I (Charlotte) am a figment of a larger imagination and ultimately that imaginative being simply watches things occur in a self-organizing system. Ultimately, that imaginative being IS the self-organizing system and is self-aware. I have assigned an identity to a piece of this energetic information and then assumed that perspective identity to be me, allowing it set a boundary condition for my experience. I am, at will, able to extend the boundary condition to include any and all aspects of the whole and THAT is how I am able to get information from beyond my own life experience as Charlotte. THAT is how I get psychic information. It is available to all of us as this truth is universal. The self-awareness that allows me to experience myself is “consciousness”, it is also everything that is, is the “whole”, it is the “one”, it is “God”, it is the “highest power”, it is my “higher-self”, it is the “Universe”, it is everything. I am self- aware because of my nature as an infinitely dense vacuum in which information is exchanged constantly on infinite levels of size and density, informing that which I am not that I am not and that which I am that I am.

My experiment in this life is to learn/remember how to extend the boundary condition that defines and contains my experience so that I (Charlotte) am able to bring information and experiences from beyond the boundary condition that I identify as Charlotte into the 3D, earth reality that we share.


This understanding allows me to completely relinquish the imaginary control that I once held onto because I know now that I (Charlotte) the identity that I assume within these boundary conditions, does not actually exist as a separate entity from the whole. There is, therefore, no possible way that Charlotte can control anything because Charlotte is both the cause and effect in any given situation. Charlotte is the resulting boundary conditions that arise from the feedback of the whole universe. Causation moves in all directions and is not limited by time. Time is experienced only within the boundary conditions that produce the identity of the individual self. The individual self, in truth, cannot exist because there is no separation between that which the individual is and that which the individual is not. This implies that in understanding my nature as the whole, I am no longer experiencing as the individual. This means that I am no longer able to be a part of the illusion that I effect what I am not. This means that I am both the cause and the effect rather than the one who experiences the effect or creates the cause. Neither the cause nor the effect are created by me (Charlotte), Charlotte is simply an expression of the whole energy which self-organizes. In understanding that the system organizes itself by inherent laws, I understand that I (Charlotte) have no power and thus no control. I do, however have full control from the perspective that is my ultimate truth, the whole. When I allow the façade of the self to fall away, I relax, I let go and I am in harmony with the self-organizing aspect of the Universe which gives rise to all things. There is never a moment in which I am not a part of this system, it never ceases to create my experience within these boundary conditions. It merely works with the information that I produce within these boundary conditions. I give feedback to the whole about that which I am to create the boundary conditions continuously anew. There is no time but instead just a constant fluctuation in energetic resonance feedback that provides differentiation. I give feedback saying, “this is what I am”, which creates the experience of “that which I am not”. This is how I create my own reality with my beliefs. I create my own reality with the feedback that I provide to the whole. I choose the energetic frequency at which I vibrate in every moment and that determines what my experience is and is not. From the perspective of self-awareness, of the whole, of my true nature as not being defined by the boundary conditions that create the experience of the individual, I am able to choose with the full freedom and knowledge of the whole. I recreate my boundary conditions and tell the universe what I am in each moment. I have the choice to create literally any experience that I am able to imagine and any experience that I am able to imagine is able to be. So, I (Charlotte) am not doing, not controlling anything. I am, rather, experiencing everything through feedback loops that exist on an infinite scale.

What I’m working to understand from the perspective of Charlotte:

It stands to reason that if I have the power to consciously create at all, on any scale, that I have the power to consciously create anything on any scale. In other words, it stands to reason that if I have any power, I have complete power. Although I understand this and am able to release my illusion of control, why is it that I still cannot grasp the fullness of my power and experience the full freedom of choice? Why is it that I am not yet able to experience my full power? I know that to experience full understanding I must only choose to let go, again and again in every moment until it becomes always (a way of being instead of an act of doing). Moments are not actually separated either, the one universe is just continually experiencing vibratory fluctuation.

Answer: I am still choosing to experience myself less than fully. I am still abiding by boundary conditions that I put in place previously and that creates my current experience. I have the freedom to choose to experience my full power now. I find myself asking if it can all really be true though, if I can really let myself experience miraculous behavior. Yes. Yes it is true and yes I can. If I have not yet experienced it, I have not yet chosen it. As my awareness of myself expands, as my perspective continues to shift, as my boundary conditions continue to change and allow in more information, I am allowing myself to experience greater and greater harmony, miracles and expressions of ultimate power. I see how each moment brings me to a more expanded boundary condition in the next. As these two perspectives interact, that which is Charlotte and that which is the whole, I am continually being recreated.

My prediction:

I am going to perform miracles that baffle much of the world. This understanding of my true nature will inspire others and allow them to experience their full power, which is, of course equal to mine because any part is equal in potential to the whole. Great change is coming.