Tapping the Silence – meditation techniques

Meditation allows us to access our psychic senses, deepen our understanding of ourselves and expand our awareness beyond our 3D or even 5D bubble.

In this video I offer a short explanation of two of my favorite mediation methods. They are quick and easy to use!
I talk about how I started with these as well as when, where and how you can use them and develop them over time.
These methods will help you to open your psychic senses, get in touch with your intuitive guidance system and work more intentionally with the Law of Attraction.
I use these tools to get centered, to go into a deep meditative state quickly, to communicate with higher-dimensional aspects of myself and other beings and to do energy and psychic work with myself and others.

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Mama Rose

Body Image Issues are an Opportunity for Healing – TAKE IT!

Take the power back into your own hands, the only place it’s truly ever been.
Body Image is a topic that can bring up A LOT of pain, tension and anxiety – which are ultimately FEAR, the opposite of love and therefore, the opposite of self-love.
What can we do to shift into a place of loving ourselves unconditionally when others trigger this fear and how we can use those triggers as opportunities for healing?
The structure that we’ve collectively created to understand ourselves as parts of a larger group is breaking down.
The break-down happens on an individual level when we become aware of the belief structures that we have operating and choose to let go of the ones that do not reflect our truth.
In order to bring awareness to what isn’t true for us we must become aware of what IS true for us.
Good news everyone! This is happening naturally!
We are guided along a healing journey, the journey of return to truth, the journey of self-discovery and self-mastery. We are guided by our emotional compass and intuition.
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Here’s to being vulnerable, letting the pain surface, letting others see it so we can heal through the reflection process. Here’s to changing the external world and how we relate to others by doing the work within ourselves… and all we have to do is say, “yes”, to healing.

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Love to you all,

Mama Rose

The Shift in Sexual Energy – Ownership of our creative power

There is a HUGE shift happening in our sexual energy – our ultimate understanding and expression of self. From my perspective as a woman I am discovering what it means to be my authentic, sexual self!

In this video I explore what it means to be a sexual being, how it feels to be sharing that truth with others and what it’s like for me to be in a mirrored partnership during this discovery process.

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Those of you who know me know that I make my videos when inspiration strikes! So, although I’m usually in my bathrobe with terrible lighting – my videos are heartfelt expressions of my vulnerable authenticity and I have no doubt that you’ll feel the value in that.

Thanks for watching!

<3 Mama Rose