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My one-to-one Psychic Development Course is co-created by you and I as we progress through a process I call, “Living Structure”. Course options include: Six month course consisting of twelve (twice monthly)  in-person* sessions, unlimited priority e-mail support and personalized “homework” that you’ll do outside of our time together.  (also see at the bottom of this page “Alternative ways to work with this material”). The combination of these three components will:

  • Identify your most developed or “primary” psychic sense(s) and your least or underdeveloped psychic senses.
  • Use Psychic energy work to identify and release blocks to the full use of your psychic senses in harmony.
  •  Teach you the practical application of your psychic abilities and how to create a new career path or infuse your current career or life path with your expanded abilities.
  • Bring you to understand the energy systems of your own body and how to influence both your energy and the energy of other people, animals, plants, things and situations.
  • Teach you how to work intentionally with the Law of Attraction.
  • Heal your body, mind and spirit through emotional validation and release.

Maybe you already know you’re psychic and want to understand how to use your gifts more fully. Maybe you’ve just started to explore alternative medicine and would like to learn how to heal yourself and others. Maybe you want to learn to give psychic readings and work with clients. Maybe you’re interested in bringing information through your psychic senses that supports your career in science or technological advancement. Maybe you’re a philosopher who wants to know the answers to your deepest questions and where they rest within you. Maybe you are an artist who seeks to lift their creative blocks and freely express themselves. We can do all of these things and more! Your potential truly does unlock when you do the work to access all of the resources that you have available to you within.

We are all psychic and have the ability to learn how to use our psychic abilities in a way that enriches our lives and the lives of those around us. Being psychic isn’t just about mediumship, visions of the future and seeing energy (although these things can be included) it’s about developing an awareness of the inner world. I like to think of the, “personality”, as the surface of a pond. Below the surface are the inner-senses and above are the outer-senses. Below the surface is the inner-world and above is the outer-world. Below the surface is everything we call, “me”, and above the surface is everything we call, “other”. The surface itself is the place of perspective, the place of choice, the seat of power where we can choose to look above, below or in both directions at the same time. With that said, the whole person is not just the surface of the water but the pond, the earth beneath it, everything above it and everything else that exists, simultaneously. It is the choice of the person to include any one or more parts of themselves in their awareness in any given moment. Now, you might say, “Well, I can’t include the clouds in my awareness as a part of who I am as an individual.” I say to you, “I can teach you.” As individuals we are simply, “awareness”, in practice. We are awareness itself choosing which aspects of, “all that is”, to identify with, or, include. We can learn, through practice, how to include more and different aspects of, “all that is”, which is available to us, in full, in every moment. So, what are the practical implications of this? This means that we can expand your awareness to better understand our life circumstances, to understand the perspective of others through, “true-empathy”, to access any memory or answer to any question, to include communication with those who are no longer in physical bodies, to include information about your future and the possible futures of others, to perceive energy and understand how to manipulate it to restore balance (energy work/energy healing), to communicate with the elements, to unlock skills and talents that you’ve practiced in other incarnations, etc.! The list goes on.

Often times people hesitate to, “open”, their psychic and intuitive abilities because they fear that it is not safe to do so. This is why part of my work in our sessions is to, “manually”, create an energetic state of freedom for you to experience for a brief amount of time until your energetic, mental and emotional systems get comfortable with freedom (vulnerability) and can relax into the natural realization of your abilities.

In this course your homework will be unique to you and will involve using an increased level of awareness in your daily life. So, you won’t necessarily be practicing any activities that you don’t already but you will be using your life as an intentional practice. This is so important to me to teach! As a woman with a very full plate at all times I have had to learn how to use the content of my life as a spiritual practice in every moment in order to deepen and expand on all of my gifts. I love teaching this modern way of, “being”, “meditating”, and reaching, “enlightenment”. Of course, a natural occurrence is that you’ll change the activities that fill your experience to follow the path of freedom, expansion, love and least resistance. This happens as you break down and release the fear/pain belief structures that you’ve carried and grown over time in effort to, “protect”, yourself. You may also be given suggestions as to activities that will accelerate the development of the specific psychic skills that you are interested in (ex. telepathy, psychokinesis, mediumship, channeling, astral travel, etc.)

During our sessions we will use energy work to clear and balance your belief system so that you no longer choose to use fear to guide you. There is no benefit to using fear as a guide when love is available to guide you instead. Love brings along with it harmony, freedom, joy, balance, healing to all creatures and systems that you interact with, ease and fun. Using fear instead of love as a guide is like being forcefully pushed from behind instead of gently pulled forward. A big part of the energy work we will be doing includes leaving your past in your past so that you are free in each present moment. When we store memories in the body we create a filter that we present to each new situation that we encounter and it tells us what to expect and how to behave. If our past is always in our present we don’t fully surrender to the unlimited possibility in each new situation. This is a common block to those who are working intentionally with the Law of Attraction but not seeing the results that they desire. I will teach you how to put memories back in your timeline but retain the ability to access them at will so that you are free in each new moment to greet your future with clarity and choose what bests serves you and the greater good with ease.

It can be hard to imagine how beautiful, free and happy your life can be when your not living that way currently. I guarantee you, no matter your past, present  or obstacles, you are innately a free and love filled being that has absolutely every right to experience yourself that way right now. The only part that takes, “time”, is getting comfortable doing that. Similar to, “exposure therapy”, I show you the way by opening you up to a little bit of freedom and love at a time so that your systems realize that it is not only safe, it’s better!

Along with the energy work I will provide you with the psychic information that comes through my psychic senses to guide you in your development. This course takes a six months to allow you the time to integrate the work, to get comfortable, to create your own inner-support network, to question and examine your beliefs and restructure your mental, “layer”, of being and to then learn how to project your inner-sanctuary of peace, love, joy and freedom outward so that it is your new normal and consistently the way that you experience the space, “above the pond”, or, your, “outer-world”.

An ongoing awareness exercise and part of your homework in this course will have you call on your inner-wisdom by asking questions to your inner-being (source of wisdom and knowledge) to find the answers that you have been seeking. Every answer is within its question.

After your year long course concludes you may, if you so choose, continue to work with me  in an arrangement that is a personal fit for you (ex. irregular sessions, regular e-mail support, etc.)

Alternative ways to work with this material:

  1. A smaller package of Guided Healing sessions (offered in 3 and 5).
  2. A one-time Guided Healing session to get started or accelerate your psychic development process and have just a bit of “homework” to take with you.

*This course is also available remotely via phone upon request

Serving ALL AGES (minors must be accompanied by an adult) and the full spectrum of gender identity and sexual orientation.


$2,222 Six month Psychic Development Course with 12 in-person sessions, unlimited priority e-mail support and personalized homework with sliding scale and payment plan options available upon request.

Payment and Cancellation Policy: Payment is due in full at the time you confirm your Six Month Psychic Development Course package (via PayPal or Venmo). You may reschedule individual sessions throughout your six month course with no penalty. There are no refunds offered for this course unless you are to cancel the course in full at least 24 hours before our first in-person session. In the event that you choose to cancel your course in full at least 24 hours before our first in-person session you will need to submit your request in writing to and you will then receive a full refund. If you are to cancel your course within 24 hours of your first in-person session or thereafter, you will not be refunded. If you and I have set up a payment plan then this will not apply to you and you will be asked to sign a separate contract detailing our unique arrangement before you submit your course payment.

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