You have access to so much more than you know and exactly as much as you believe.  – Mama Rose

Mediumship means connecting with those who are no longer in their “earth bodies” and delivering their messages to those who wish to receive them. I connect via my psychic senses or “inner-senses” with people and animals who have passed on. As a result of being in communication with me your “energy systems” will re-organize to a more open and healed configuration and beliefs that no longer serve to support your process of healing, grieving and understanding will simply and naturally fall away. You may also find yourself in communication with your loved one directly as a result of this re-organization. If you are interested in developing your own psychic abilities over time you can note that in the contact form below and also check out my online Psychic Development course (coming soon).

During our session we may connect with loved ones who have passed, friends or acquaintances, animals, people who you didn’t know but are aware of and those who you know/feel you have been connected with in other lives.

The passage of a soul into death does not mark the end of our relationship with them. They simply shift, working with us in new ways. Through conscious mediumship we can intentionally access the guidance, love, support and gifts they continue to offer us. – Mama Rose


60 minute Mediumship session at Enchanting Ways: $130

60 minute Mediumship session remotely via phone: $130

60 minute Mediumship session outdoors or in another location not listed below: $130 plus the cost of travel (TBD after you submit your information via the contact form)

Please note via the contact form if you would like to be considered for a sliding scale payment option. 

Payment and Cancellation Policy: Payment is due at the time you confirm your appointment (via PayPal or Venmo). If you are to cancel more than 24 hours prior to your appointment you will receive a full refund. If you are to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment I reserve the right to keep 50% of your payment.

If you are interested in booking a Mediumship Session please start by filling out the contact form below. You will receive a response via e-mail shortly and from there can set up your date/time.

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