Guided Healing

“Enlightenment is the natural collaboration between all parts of an individual to achieve balance.” – Mama Rose

I have been practicing energy healing for as long as I can remember. Of course, it has taken many forms throughout my life as I’ve been called to share my gifts in different ways. I am happy to be offering this beautiful combination of my energy healing abilities and psychic abilities which I call, “Guided Healing”. I am certified in Rieki 1 and 2 but my experience goes far beyond what I’ve learned through my formal training. My psychic senses are open to pick up information on all aspects of your health, well-being, more expanded concepts and  topics and life in general and I support the energy manipulation and restoration that I do with the psychic information that I receive through my psychic senses. I’d love to teach you how to do this too, if you’re interested in learning check out my Psychic Development Course.

What is Guided Healing?

Guided Healing is my way of guiding the systems of the body into harmony. I use my psychic abilities to perceive the energy that creates your mind, body and emotions and gently restore balance with light touch and by hovering my hands above or near your body. You will be fully clothed and either lying on a massage table, standing or in a position that is otherwise comfortable for you during this portion of your session which I call, “direct energy work”. I also provide information that comes through to me intuitively/psychicly about your physical, mental and emotional health to provide you with clarity, direction and most importantly the increased ability to access this information for yourself in the future. You may ask any questions that come up and I will either provide you with or guide you toward the answers. We will work to release your past experiences and limiting beliefs that have been stored in your body and energy systems so that you have a clean filter through which to view all new experiences. I will give you tips and tools to take home with you to continue to heal and expand your own psychic abilities. We all have the ability to heal and understand ourselves, my job is to help you access that by 1. reminding you that it’s possible by doing it for you and 2. showing you how to do it yourself if you so choose. This work is about expanding our awareness to include more of ourselves, clearing the path to express our gifts to the world and opening our arms to receive the direction, clarity and beauty that awaits us when we are free from limiting beliefs and emotional wounds. Find more information by reading about my Psychic Development Course which is an expanded version of Guided Healing that takes place over a longer period of time. 

Sessions are 60 minutes long and can be done either in person at Enchanting Ways (Lowry Rose Building) in Minneapolis, MN or remotely via phone. To make an appointment use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Guided Healing Sessions may provide:

    • Physical, mental and emotional healing
    • Reduction in physical pain/discomfort
    • An understanding of why you’re experiencing pain or discomfort and how to work with it
    • Intuitive medical information
    • Career direction
    • Mental clarity
    • Creative inspiration, flow and lifting of creative blocks
    • Confidence
    • A deepening of your extra-sensory (psychic) abilities
    • Increased intuition
    • Energy restoration and balance

RATES w/ sliding scale available upon request:

60 minute Guided Healing Session: $130

Package of 3 Guided Healing Sessions: $350

Package of 5 Guided Healing Sessions: $575

60 minute Guided Healing session done remotely via phone: $130

Package of 3 Guided Healing Sessions done remotely via phone: $350

Package of 5 Guided Healing Sessions done remotely via phone: $575

Please note, via the contact form, if you would like to be considered for the sliding scale option.

Payment and Cancellation Policy: Payment is due at the time you confirm your appointment (via PayPal or Venmo). If you are to cancel more than 24 hours prior to your appointment you will receive a full refund. If you are to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment I reserve the right to keep 50% of your payment.

Sessions are individualized and happen differently for each person. Please use the contact form below to get started! There are no consultations offered for this service. 

All services are LGBTQIA+  friendly. Charlotte “Mama” Rose serves all ages. Partner and group sessions as well as in-home, hospital or care center sessions can be booked by special request here.