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“For me, modeling means creating with my body – letting my body speak through movement and stillness – words – exploring the dance between the two – allowing the emotion that is stored in my flesh to be expressed – releasing experiences and building new ones – capturing the continuous unfolding of my form – existing in the pleasure of being ALIVE, being temporary, changing.


My modeling dives deep into my story as a mother, a creator, a psychic, a woman, a human being and all other aspects of my identity as an individual. I also do collaborative shoots and shoots in spaces that examine the relationship between myself and others, society, structures of thought, etc. 

I create images that help us explore life’s essential questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where did any/all of us come from? What is MY story? What is OUR story? and so, so much more. 

You’ll notice some strong themes in my work including the exploration of sexuality, energetics, motherhood, relationship, freedom v. restriction and others that I go into through imagery and words. 

As a writer/songwriter/POET/rapper I am absolutely taken by words. Language is one of the most beautiful, powerful artforms that we have.I love to write and I love to read and I love to share. I love to speak and I love to listen. 

Again, thank you all for “listening” with your eyes and ears and minds and hearts – to my art. 

I invite you to come in, come into the mystery with me. Dance in the questions. Let’s see what we can find together. “

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