Holistic Vocal Training

A holistic approach to vocal training starts with identifying your unique strengths, blockages and goals to create a step-by-step vocal skills development plan that focuses on the two polar aspects of Holistic vocal training:

  1. Release 
  2. Strengthening


The voice is intimately tied with the energy body. This means that in order to express ourselves optimally in any vocal capacity, whether that be singing, rap, voice acting, etc., we must address the instrument of the voice which is the body. 

Any skeletal muscle in the body requires a balance of regular release and strengthening in order to function optimally. For example, massage and weight lifting, stretching and running. 

The voice is no different. It is common to find creative blocks in the energy body that restrict the flow of the voice. My holistic approach takes ALL of the body’s systems into account by using energy work, physical movement and vocal movement (making sound) to release any places that hold tension and effect the way the voice is expressed through your bodies tissues. 

Beyond the physical, this process of release also frees up our energetic creative process (thought, manifestation of ideas) as we develop the skills needed to quickly and effectively move within our creative blocks when they arise and support ourselves through their release. These techniques have been proven to move artists past performance anxiety, writers blocks and release blockages of the “third eye” or “inner-mind”. 


As we release, we simultaneously strengthen. We co-create a skills development plan based on the feedback I receive from your body, mind and energetic body. During your lesson we will practice vocal exercises that you can also do at home between lessons. Our practice focuses on movement of the voice (expression of sound) and movement of the body. Being that the body is the voice’s instrument, we must increase body awareness in order to use our voices freely and fully realize our potential as vocalists. This body movement is often very subtle, using only the smallest muscles but can range to larger movements depending on your unique needs. 

Energy work happens throughout your lesson as we move through our practice. I use my intuitive/psychic skills as an energy worker to support you with information as to how your energy body is functioning and how voice is flowing in your system. We make energy education an integrated focus so you can bring your awareness with you into your practice as a vocalist and creator at all times. 

You will leave each lesson with a clear understanding of what to do at home. This can be given to you in a lesson write-up as well following each lesson if that supports you best. 



I am honored to support you in your journey as a vocalist through Releasing Blockages and Strengthening Skills through body awareness training, energy work and dedicated vocal practice.  

Lesson Options

$35/30 Minutes*

Recommended 1x per week or 1x every two weeks

Package Options

12 Lessons $385

24 Lessons $770

*You may choose to book multiple 30 minute blocks per lesson.

Lessons may be booked individually or as packages.

Please use the Contact Page to inquire about booking Holistic Vocal Training with Mama Rose. 


Payment and Cancellation Policy: Payment is due at the time you confirm your appointment (via PayPal, Venmo or Cashapp). If you cancel or reschedule more than 24 hours before your appointment time, you will receive a full refund or can choose to forward your payment toward a future appointment. If you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before your appointment time you will not receive a refund for your appointment and cannot put the payment toward a future appointment. 

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