Group Energy Healing and Conversation: Moving Blocks to Manifestation – an interactive Law of Attraction presentation 5/15/19

Group Energy healing and conversation (2)
Location: Lunds & Byerlys Ridgedale13081 Ridgedale Dr, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55305

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Date: May 15th

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Being aware of and able transform energy, whether mental, material or emotional, is what it means to be fully human. Join Mama Rose on May 15th from 7pm to 9pm as she guides our bodies, minds and emotions back to balance through conversation and group energy healing.

The Law of Attraction is the process through which we create with our intention. When we are able to free up the space in our minds by moving our energetic awareness back into our hearts, we find a fully functioning internal compass that can point us in the direction of fulfillment in every moment. Through our hearts we shift our intention to, “love”, which allows us to move freely, with ease and confidence in the eternal, “now”, moment. It is love that unites us and creates coherency between us as we co-create our worlds. During this presentation we will talk about:

1. How to become aware of our hearts and how to use them as a compass

2. How to move freely within our creative cycles of input and output/rest and action to create in a way that is balanced, fulfilling and enlivening

3. Why compassion matters and how we are moving forward collectively to create a love-based society

4. What is, “the moment”, what is, “time”, and why it matters.  

This presentation will be interactive and invite participants to create their own, take-home, “Support Guide to Manifestation”, to strengthen and stabilize their creative power.

About Mama Rose

Charlotte “Mama” Rose is an artist, psychic and mother whose life work is to create freely and inspire others by sharing both her creations and her process. Mama Rose sees clients one-to-one for psychic work, energy healing and transformational coaching. She also writes a monthly, “Affirmation”, column for the Edge Magazine, is the sole-contributor to her blog, curates performance art events around the Twin Cities, makes regular contributions to scientific and technological advancement,  is extremely active in sharing free content on social media @dearmamarose, is published in multiple anthologies including most recently, “Upon Waking: 58 voices from the shadow of abuse”, has won various awards for her emotionally provocative poetry and performs, shows visual art and speaks frequently.

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