Set The Clock Down


National Street Date NOV 19TH 2021

Set the Clock Down  is the first studio album by Minneapolis based Artist, Psychic and Mother of three, Mama Rose. Bridging genres like Soul, Folk and Jazz, Mama Rose shows up with her most vulnerable work of art to-date. She brings the listener through the process of grief and gratitude in the context of an inter-personal relationship that ultimately amounts to deep healing. The central question, “What if I could just set the clock down?” ties each song together with a request for presence amidst the human temptation to hold tightly to one’s past and to project it into one’s future. ‘Set the Clock Down’ is more than just a story, it’s an invitation to let go and truly live, now. Mama Rose delivers goose-bumps with lyrics that bring light by validating our darkness. The sweet Guitar, playful Jazz Keyboard and intensity of the Cello are just some of the vibes that set the stage for angelic vocals to make us all feel safe enough to feel.

Track List:

  1. Is This a Fight? (3:45)
  2. Put Me On A Lake (interlude)(1:03)
  3. Fool (4:36)
  4. House on the Hill Interlude (0:44)
  5. House on the Hill (2:36)
  6. Whiskey (3:40)
  7. Coffee (0:52)
  8. Shadow Artist (I Need It Back) (3:41)
  9. Boundaries (0:45)
  10. Not Healed Yet (2:43)
  11. When You Were With Me (4:52)
  12. Flowers (1:30)
  13. Maya’s Family Song (1:12)
  14. Singin’ ‘Bout You (3:10)
  15. Set the Clock Down (5:34)

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BIO: Mama Rose is the genre-bending artist building bridges between the known and unknown. Her experience with childhood mental illness, #metoo and the repression of her psychic abilities catalyzed her healing journey and delivered her to the place where art, music, motherhood & spirituality meet. She uses performance, visual art , healing arts and more to create music that exemplifies the harmony and balance of nature. Known for unapologetically sharing her journey as she goes, her art brings raw, VULNERABLE and authentic to a whole new level.

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Mama Rose is a self-managed artist.

ALL music is One Stop & Easy Clear. 

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