Each month from December of 2018 to January of 2020 I created an affirmation to remind you that your whole, loved and supported. Use these affirmations to strengthen your sense of self, intuition and spirituality.

You can read just one or read them chronologically like chapters in a book which compound upon one another.

The links below will lead you to each affirmation online through the Edge Magazine’s website which is www.edgemagazine.net

Please reach out with questions, share with friends and family and contact me if there is anything you’d like me to address in future writing.

You can also commission me to write for you in a variety of forms including but not limited to poetry, non-fiction, short fiction, opinion, etc. Use my Contact page to get in touch or reach out via social media at @dearmamarose

January 2020 “I Am Supported”

December 2019 “I Am Listening, I Am Heard”

November 2019 “I Am Secure”

October 2019 “It Is Safe To Be Alone”

September 2019 “I Trust Myself”

August 2019 “I Express My Truth”

July 2019 “I Am Open”

June 2019 “I Choose Love”

May 2019 “I Am Presence”

April 2019 “I Am Safe To Feel”

March 2019 “My Spirit and Flesh Are One”

February 2019 “This Is My Garden”

January 2019 “I Have The Power To Choose”

December 2018 “I Don’t Know”

Additional published works in the Edge Magazine and full list of affirmations

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