Donations can be made via PayPal to or via Venmo to Mama-rose

Thank you to all who have donated and who are considering donating!


What is it that I do? Great question.

  • I share myself through my many arts to enliven and inspire others.
  • I create a “stage” through community events, collaborations and online platforms, to help other artists get their work out to the public!
  • I provide one-on-one and group healing work, teaching and coaching for clients and groups in a variety of settings while prioritizing accessibility.
  • I write a monthly “affirmation” column for the Edge Magazine.
  • I share loads of free content on my online platforms (IG, FB, Twitter, YouTube).

I am currently working on many collaborative efforts in community building, healing and artistry in addition to my solo-work. Some of this includes:

  • Music and short film collaborations.
  • Poetry/modeling collaborations with multiple artists exploring self, other, relationship, sexuality and spirituality.
  • “Vulnerable” a four month community space and music/art/poetry residency at Honey featuring local poets and musicians, headlined, curated and hosted by me, Mama Rose.
  • Visual art collaborations.
  • Written collaborations.

Additionally I am in the process of writing/compiling multiple books! One is a uniquely structured memoir including many of my journal entries, artwork and writing from childhood through the present day. The other is a guide on spiritual enlightenment, reclaiming personal power, self and systematic healing and the laws of attraction and intention.

Your donation directly supports my progress in the arts, healing, scientific and technological exploration and community nourishment. 

Whether or not you donate you are welcome to interact with my free content, attend events and take part in my healing services at an accessible rate.

Thank you so much for considering donating, your contributions allow me to keep making mine!

Donations can be made via PayPal to or via Venmo to Mama-rose