Creative Coaching

The Creative Coaching program is a spiritual life coaching program specifically designed for creative people and people who seek to better understand how they create their reality. This includes but is not limited to people in the creative arts, people who are consciously working with the law of attraction, people who are in career fields that require creative thinking and problem solving and people who use their creativity to navigate their daily lives. 

In truth, we are all creators and this program is for all of us!

What you will receive as a part of the Creative Coaching program?

*All of our work together can be done either in person or remotely*

  1. Personalized Psychic Readings and Energy Work sessions monthly (1 hour/per month)
  2. Personalized Psychic Readings and Energy Work check-in sessions via phone weekly (30 minutes/1.5 hours per month)
  3. Personal Development take-home curriculum/exercises that meet your goals, needs and schedule.
  4. Priority E-mail support.

More about each of these components:

Personalized Psychic Readings and Energy Work sessions monthly (1 hour/per month)

These sessions are similar to Guided Healing sessions in that they may include anything we identify as meeting your intention for personal creative development. This varries widely from person to person and is something that I determine based on your expressed desires and the psychic/intuitive information that I take into consideration when creating your personalized Creative Coaching plan. 

These sessions may include:

Intuitive Massage

Guided Free Writing

Intuitive Movement or Guided Movement

Energy Work (hands off and/or hand on)

Psychic Reading (with or without divination tools ex. Oracle cards)

Psychic Mediumship


Vocal and Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Practical Career Planning and Task Management 

Other Creative Exercises

These components may be used in any combination in any given session to support you in clearing your creative blocks, releasing and integrating your past (including trauma and emotional dis-ease that manifests as physical and mental disorder), identifying and working toward creative career goals, relaxing the body and mind and allowing the life-force energy to be expressed more fully to bring balance to every aspect of your life. 

Personalized Psychic Readings and Energy Work check-in sessions via phone weekly (30 minutes/1.5 hours per month)

These sessions are designed based on your unique needs and are done via phone to check in on the deeper work that we do in our monthly Personalized Psychic Reading and Energy Work sessions. These sessions will always include Psychic Reading and Energy Work and may also include talking through current challenges, making adjustments to your Personal Development Plan and anything else that comes through as reinforcement for your journey. 

Personal Development take-home curriculum/exercises that meet your goals, needs and schedule.

You will receive an e-mail following each of our monthly Personalized Psychic Readings and Energy Work sessions that provides a re-cap of what did during our session as well as what you can do between sessions to continue our work. 

This is your structure and the practical piece that will lead you to your goals as a creative person. Again, this takes vastly different forms for different people but typically will include creative exercises, energy work practices that you can do at home, recommended literature or resources that may support your journey, specific instruction to identify, structure and meet your career goals, suggestions that I develop to support the restructuring of your beliefs and free you to express yourself fully. 

Priority E-mail Support

You are free to e-mail me with questions and/or updates at any time and I will respond to you before I respond to clients who I am seeing for other services. You can typically expect a same-day response from me.

Why did I develop the Creative Coaching program?

As an artist I have been through creative block after creative block in every form of art that I create and in every area of my life that I create!

This struggle guided me to begin studying the Law of Attraction and consciously participating in the process of creating my life with my guided intention.

I now teach workshops, write a monthly column in the Edge Magazine, speak at public events, create art that reflects my process, share free content daily on my social media platforms and include this work in all of my live performances.

The Creative Coaching program is my most focused and in-depth offering for teaching others how to work intentionally with their creation process in order to relax into the fullness of their experience and see their dreams manifest.

Everything that I do is tied into this work! This is about healing both as individuals and collectively. This work allows us to connect with others in ways we never thought possible through the process that we all share in collectively creating our world. The Energy Work deeply clears and integrates emotions that get stuck in the body and mind over the span of our lives and even through generations before us. The Psychic work brings through guidance from beyond the five senses that can support this process in a multitude of ways by offering perspective and information that the client cannot access themselves at present. The creative exercises are the “action” work that frees up the spirit and allows the fullness of expression to infuse and re-design the structure of the client’s life. There are many other offerings that I bring into this practice as I am called to. I am always listening to the spirit of my clients and offering what they are telling me they need to flourish on the highest level.


The Creative Coaching program can be accessed in two time-frames

6 months: 3,500$

12 months: 7,000$

Payment plans are available upon request. Payment is due at time of commitment to the Creative Coaching program. There are no refunds offered for this program.

Please use the form below to set up a free e-mail or phone consultation with Mama Rose to discuss your needs, goals and desires as you consider the Creative Coaching program. You will receive a response via e-mail to answer your questions, provide more information and/or set up a time to talk with you more in-depth about the Creative Coaching program and how it may fit into your journey.

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