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Remote Energy Healing and Reading sessions are 30 minutes long and can be conducted either in person or at Healing Elements in St. Paul, MN or remotely via phone. To book a remote healing session use the forum below. To view availability for in-person sessions at Healing Elements visit and call 651-348-6216 to make an appointment OR drop-in for a walk-in session on Thursday evenings between 5pm and 8pm.

Healing Elements is a yoga, healing and meeting space with a full service tea and coffee bar, metaphysical and eco-conscious storefront and large selection of herbs.

How to prepare for your remote phone healing session:
  1. Paper and a writing utensil: to write down anything that comes through during your session.
  2. Water: to drink.
  3. A phone.
Ten minutes prior:
  1. Set your space in whatever way is intuitive to you. (Ex. burning sage or incense; laying stones, crystals, meaningful objects, photos of loved ones, memory cues, etc.; playing music.)
  2. Check in with yourself intuitively or using these prompts:
  • Where does your breath go? What does it feel like, sound like, move like?
  • Is there tension in your body? Where. Feel it. Sit with it. Maybe try some intuitive movement or experimentation.
  • Is there tension in your mind? What are your thoughts doing?
  • What is your emotional state? Feel it. Rest with it. Allow it to change.

Checking in with yourself will get you set up for healing. It brings awareness to what needs to be shifted, released or moved within your physical, mental and energetic bodies.

At the time of your session you will call Charlotte “Mama” Rose at (651) 447-7673.

To find out more about what to expect during an Energy Healing and Reading session and the difference between a remote phone session and an in-person session, visit “Energy Healing and Reading 


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