About Mama Rose


Hi, I’m Charlotte “Mama” Rose and I’m an artist, psychic and mother based in St. Paul, MN.

I do a lot of things.

I break systems. I build new systems. I work diligently toward both inner and outer revolution by feeling my emotions and letting them move in me, expressing myself in authenticity and offering free content and sliding-scale services to teach and inspire you to heal and offer your gifts to the world.

ARTIST: Encompasses everything I do.  I write poetry and prose, I create online content, I sing and write songs, I collaborate, I ghostwrite, I draw and paint with many mediums, I create guided meditations, I offer community events, I host creative and healing workshops, I perform, I speak publicly and I do one-to-one healing work. You can stay up to date on when and where I share my art in-person by checking my events page.

PSYCHIC: I  use my mind and body as a transceiver to direct energy. I bring systems, on all levels, including the individual person/animal into coherence. I work with physical systems on the levels that proceed the physical expression of matter. For individuals this takes the form of Epigenetic work through working with memories, beliefs and emotions and through energy balancing, clearing and focusing. Find out more about the healing work that I do by checking out my services. All of my avenues of creation are infused with psychic awareness. Whether it be an art piece, a song, a session or a conversation I am always, “on”, and excited to express myself as a conscious participant in the healing of not only myself and other individuals but our world as a whole.

MOTHER: encompasses everything I am. I live for my babies, I create this world for my babies. I mother my babies and I bring the energy of “mother” to everyone and everything that I come into contact with. Mother = create anew, nurture, support, hold and love. You can read more on my blog page and will find that motherhood along with sexuality and what it means to me to a be a woman/human/creator are common themes in all of my artwork.

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“I AM A SAFE SPACE.” – Mama Rose

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