Mama Rose, Charlotte Rose Tauer, grew up in a first ring, Northern Twin Cities suburb called White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Her mother was an artist with a job in marketing and a green thumb and her father was a dairy farmer turned computer network engineer. She grew up outside, nailing things together, raising pheasants, climbing trees, playing sports, camping, gardening, exploring the neighborhood and being in the water as much as possible.  At that time her home sat on 3/4 of an acre in a space that was between the future and the past. A partially developed area that had new builds as well as fields of livestock and lush wetland and forests.  A large shopping mall and freeway were just a mile away. As Mama Rose grew the fields slowly became homes and the magical spaces she grew up enchanted with began to fade. This connectedness to nature became the driving passion and grounding foundation of Mama Rose’s music, healing work, mothering and personality at large.

Although neither of Mama Rose’s parents were musicians, the Tauer household was filled with music. Her mother would listen to Al Green, Abba, Neil Diamond and Marvin Gaye as she sewed clothing, cooked and cleaned. Her father brought Queen, ACDC and a wide variety of Blues artists to the table. Her sister, Jennifer, who was 13 years older introduced her to Hip-Hop and she fell in love with the hooks long before the lyricism. Her uncle, Mitch Brown, played trumpet in the legendary West Side Band and her best friend’s dad, John Franken, played Blues guitar- immersing Mama Rose in Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk and Rock from a young age.

At age five Mama Rose formed her first “band”, an a cappella duet with a young friend called the Hot Spot. Family recognized the dedication and passion to songwriting, vocal training and musical understanding that was evident from a very young age and began to offer the budding musician opportunities to strengthen her skills. First came piano lessons, then theater camps, then very brief formal vocal training and finally auditions for productions and television shows that were not fruitful but allowed Mama Rose to get comfortable under pressure and in front of large audiences. 

It didn’t take long for Mama Rose to realize that her poetry and songwriting were ways she could deliver messages that her family members could feel with a depth not possible through conversation alone. She started using writing as her primary mode of self-expression for all things including her dissatisfaction with her parents degrading relationship and her worsening anxiety, which was diagnosed as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at age five. 

Soon after starting play therapy in Kindergarten, Mama Rose began to realize that she wasn’t like other kids. She had both talents and challenges that made her quite different. Being a misfit seemed to be inborn and she found that the best way to fit in was to stand out. Her expression blossomed as her peers noticed her ability to draw and sing.

Around the same time, it became clear that she had some abilities that her family and peers didn’t share. She often told adults deep insight about their very “adult” life situations, shared visions and delivered messages from non-physical entities such as passed loved ones. The messages came in bursts of free-expression that she came to know in later years as a form of “channeling” akin to tapping into the “flow-state”. As one could predict, not everyone was excited about having their emotions and life circumstances probed by a child. However, the adults and children who opened their hearts to Mama Rose’s abilities are to credit for her developing the methods by which she practices her mutli-disciplinary artistry and multi-dimensional psychic work today. 

Time went on and finally, family disharmony led to divorce. Charlotte and her younger brother struggled with mental health challenges and both ended up finding themselves in the grip of addiction and abusive relationships. At age 13 Mama Rose began a nearly six year partnership that ended as she finished her second year of nursing school at age 19. After a high-school career of self-deprivation, unhealthy coping mechanisms, spiritual repression, abuse and a nearly complete lack of inspired creation, Mama Rose had a spiritual wake-up call and left both her partner and nursing school to pursue her dreams of being an artist.

Soon after, a new therapist offered Mama Rose a gift she had been waiting a lifetime for, mindfulness. She began to learn to master and direct her mental energy in new ways and free herself from the grip of crippling PTSD, disordered eating and other coping mechanisms that had been devastating her ability to live joyfully. Writing, visual art, movement and music took center stage as her life began to align and opportunities for growth became more and more abundant. 

She began to write and sing about her #metoo experiences in order to process and release her past and found a deep passion for understanding how sexual energy functions in the individual and collective consciousness- a theme which is prominent in her music and healing arts to this day. As her spiritual gifts came back to and exceeded their former power, Mama Rose learned to use her art as means to express the visions, messages, and calls to higher collective awareness that she was experiencing on a daily basis. 

Around the time that her first child was born in 2015 Mama Rose began offering psychic readings professionally. Energy work was soon to follow. With the combination of art, music, psychic work and motherhood, Mama Rose was born. 

In the time since, Mama Rose has had two more children, a romantic separation, a new partner (artist TomTom), the formation of a new art collective (PACT), and a variety of other life changes that all find a place to speak through her music and other artistic works. She teaches visual art in local schools and is a full-time self-employed artist, psychic and mother. 

She has shared and curated stages with local artist and peers who share her mission of inspiring personal empowerment such as Phillip Saint John, AMG, TomTom, Nur-D, Brandon Pulphus, Hannah Svanoe and more. Her four month residency at Honey in Minneapolis MN, in 2019, appropriately named, ‘Vulnerable’, brought together artists, vendors, healers and listeners in an intentional space to cultivate the collective healing that vulnerability provides for. 

Her first EP, ‘drink More water’ was released in February of 2021 and the single, ‘sweet Waters’, was quickly picked up by radio stations and playlists across the nation and worldwide. The song went big locally gaining notoriety as 89.3’s Song of The Day. With the upcoming release of her second project in winter of 2021, Mama Rose is steadily speaking, creating and releasing singles through which she explores the depths of her history, her dreams for the future of our world and the intersection of sexuality, motherhood and spirituality. With a wide vocal and lyrical scope of talent, Mama Rose bends and blends genres such as folk, pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Bass, R&B, Country and more to create something all her own.

“I AM A SAFE SPACE.” – Mama Rose

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