It seems like I should feel like my heart is pulling me in two directions but this is only one…


It seems like there is no space for me.

No mold to hold me.

No hands that can keep me.

An object in motion stays in motion until…

There is no force to oppose me.

There is no box to close me

I’ve tried to find the lines around me drawing and drawing and drawing but…

I can’t see a path before me, only art and this moment and this momentum

That’s speeding up and igniting the fuse again

The karoseen rises from the earth up through my feet

And I think that I might not run out, and maybe I’m not too much

And maybe nobody wants to touch me with my eyes ablaze when all I need is touch because they feel the same fire burning inside them and it…

Breaks every mold. Extends beyond the reaches of the mind and asks one to find a new vision, a new lease on life

This life is mine.

I’m not here to compromise I’m here to bring magic to the masses by doing this work, transforming my limits and hurt into freedom and reaching out in action.

A new way is being birthed through me and I breathe through every contraction

I can’t control much but I’m patient and I’m kind so I trust…