Sometimes pt. 2

I’m a miracle toon – a miracle tune – tune in to the station I’m broadcasting on at noon and I’ll reset your program to better than last June when the sun was peepin’ in and you were sleepin’ in, vacationin’ from school. I’ll make you drool – like the deep dreams that you’re cummin in, I’m coming to meet you in the depths of your own soul.

Welcome me with welcome mats, kitty cats dressed in black hats and jewels. Ancient wisdom strung up in runes maintained so well that you wouldn’t think their ruined. Ancient society thought high of me. I recall class being something of a high to me, nobody passed without saying hi to me your highness-y, nobody wore pads but everybody’d fight for me.

Everybody kept it right for me. Everybody had the same name to me – it was fine with me. I was blinded be-hind the bee, hive it seemed. Resting in the comfort while my privacy was on display as commodity, they couldn’t talk to me, I didn’t consult them. I’m honestly afraid that I would melt them with my honesty. I’m really honest b. I’m really honest because there were many, many times that I didn’t speak with love in my throat and that I choked on my saliva, we, said the “our father” we, prayed like Christians, Muslims, Jews, we made magic potions and danced over sand dunes to find these things…

honest beginnings and honest ends.