Red Sky and Dog Food

I got home at midnight.

The sky was red and

the whole world smelled like dog food.


Everything was melting. Water bubbled up from the puddles and the black trees concealed they’re knowledge of the coming spring in tightly wound buds that I couldn’t see but knew were there,


Because I’ve been through 26 springs.

And every one of them has come on time.

It makes a person consider their life.


If I’m not separate from the nature or the cycles… then how could I really ever fight the current that carries me?

And since I know its brilliance, won’t I be pleased?

And how could I ever think that a storm could last forever, that my whole life might be dark, when I know that spring comes every time?

I don’t know why the sky is red or why the whole world smells like dog food or why people, sometimes, will take their own lives

but I know with utmost certainty that I am a moving part of this strange and unending world

and that when I die I will become another part, continuing to move and grow.

When I think like this I find more time… more time to learn, to get it right, to understand, to flounder, to make mistakes, to fall and get back up, to wait out the storm.

If I have a million lives to learn guitar and create my family and love my siblings and carry on

then what makes this one special?

The sky is red and the whole world smells like dog food.