I have so much to say but I’m so afraid to say it wrong.

My closet it spacious, with all amenities

removed from their boxes and plugged in.

If you haven’t cried today, that kind of cry that moves things around and frees you from something, I suggest you find a memory or video or song that makes you do that.

If you haven’t danced today, that kind that loosens the tension in your hips and says, “this body has nothing to hide or be afraid or shamed of”,I suggest you do that.

If you haven’t made a line on a sheet of paper, the kind that takes the lines you’ve drawn on the inside and spits them out so that your spirit is not divided, I suggest you do that.

If you’re too tired I suggest you sleep and try tomorrow.

If you’re not well I suggest you rest.

If you’re afraid I suggest you do it anyway.

Nobody asked me but I’ve got so much to say and this closet is great with windows and rooms and plants blossoming but I’m curious and wild and I must, I must go outside.