There is a space between “now” and “future” and I think that’s where “I am”.

There is a mist that lies low in the sky today and I wonder if my lungs can drink.

I watch the birds begin below it and disappear above it and I wonder if I’ve been upside down this whole time.

The planes do the same.

Maybe my feet are the top.

This thought makes me run faster.

A Frisbee plays on the wind and I reach to grab it. It’s wet. It almost moves too quickly for my fingers but I am skilled and I catch it and my muscles do not tremble.

I find confidence in my body when my mind loses the map.

I wonder if the sky beyond the mist is hot and dry and sunny.

I know my teammates don’t appreciate the grey or the rain…

but I feel more at home in it than I ever have felt in a team.

My mind blends into the space around me.

Drink mist, run fast, she’s there, holes move around the feild creating and closing, creating and closing.

My legs are hot and thick, my skin damp, my cleats full of thick mud.

This is meditation.