Sadness Sells the Sweetest Tones

Did you know…

that in Germany, in the 1940’s they changed the way orchestral instruments were tuned to make A 440Hz instead of 432Hz?

It’s true.

I heard it from a friend.

And, did you know that “they” did it because they realized that it was easier to manipulate the emotional responses of the masses with 440Hz than 432Hz?

432 was too pure, it was too perfect, it could cause no harm, it was beautiful.

440 was a little off, a little wrong, a little dissonance.

And did you know… that now, all standard tuning in the West is based on the later?

It’s all a little off, a little tug in the direction of unbalance, disharmony, unrest.

And did you know that when I was in high school I stopped listening to music for a year because, when the right (or wrong) song came on, it pulled me into emotional despair so quickly and with such force that I’d be stuck there for hours, days or even weeks?

And did you know that it wasn’t until my second round of college that I learned that the tuning system we use in the West is different than Eastern systems?

And did you know that when they want to sell you something they simplify it and strip it of it’s beauty and call it something fancy and make you think you want it and make you think your wants are needs?

I am willing to be crucified again to break this.

After all,

saddness sells the sweetest tones.