It was a dream like any other…

It was a dream like any other…

I was falling, as I often am, falling or flying, one or the other, not quite the same…

similar rather in the sense that during both I am grappling with control

and it slides,

most times,

through my grubby little fingers on my sweaty little hands

hairy little palms.

I was falling and I was well aware that I would make impact soon and that it would be the death of me.

The day had come and the thoughts, as they do in dyer situations, had room to dance, move, laugh and frolic in the spaces between moments

the spaces between breaths… I can’t recall if I was breathing, that is one thing I don’t believe I’ve ever done in a dream.

Anyway, I was falling.


And water was below, impact was imminent.

I had two choices before me and one fate:

Choice number one: fear

Choice number two: acceptance

certain fate: death – meaning the end of a life

I chose, this time, unlike any other, to accept that I was falling. To accept that I was certainly going to hit the water and to accept that I was most definitely and most permanently going to die.

I was falling from a high height, too high.

Had I chosen, secondarily, to utilize more of the space I think I could have lived another life, ten, five, twenty… thousand or more. It was infinite space,

behind closed doors.

and I realized that I’d chosen every one I’d opened in that life.

I don’t recall why I was falling but I sure do remember how…


There was no time for poetry, analysis, opinion or discernment or measurement or fact.

and then I hit the water.





and I blended right in.

There was no sense of anything left behind. There was just geometry. Shapes, all around(?) me, in me, through me, become me

I was just shapes and they were turning and moving and I didn’t feel anymore as if I saw them, then, it was then, that I knew them.

Me, that is.

Very strange dream. Profound, I think, to have the experience of death many times and be allowed another life to live with the illusion that you will one day leave and then again to find in death that you are still alive.

Profound I do think, profound.

I must say, that had I dreamed the dream on any other night I may have awoken to believe that I was reborn in the next day…