Among giants

Among giants I walk

looking for the tiny.

The smallest medicine popping from the earth as if to say, “I haven’t forgotten but I needed some time. You know, how sometimes you just need more time?”

And then I ask, “with so many places to grow, how do you decide?”

and they speak of the giants.

The birds flutter and merge with them.

The snakes spin around them.

The squirrels say, “this is home. I can be upside down here.”

And I long to feel like home is within me and surrounding me but instead I feel…

the acid in my stomach. I hear my organs churning and mixing things. Preparing for the medicine I’ve yet to find. I’m amazed that my body and these plants are communicating beyond me. They say, “shhh. Just let your eyes land. Let your feet fall softly on us. Let your inside listen to its out.”

Water murmurs. What’s it’s story? Who have you carried? You flood the feet of the giants. What are you bringing?

Branches rustle.

I rustle branches.

Hello friends.

It feels good to be among giants.