Fountains of youth

She tells me my eyelashes look beautiful, long and lush, thick, healthy.

She fears the wrinkles on her face and where they lead.

She loves the makeup but hates the taste.

Fountains of youth run nearby, abundance – flowing, asking why…

she can’t drink. She can’t sip, she can’t have even just a taste

and why

this age seems to take so little time.

Fountains of youth run strong as years pass by.

She tells me that she loves me and she hates the way her body has betrayed her but she knows it was the sun and all her choices, she was young but now she knows and wants to make sure that I’m SPF five thousand.

She wants to make sure that I never lose the fountain.

Fountains of youth, nearby, abundance, flowing, running strong and never running dry. Why can’t she take a sip, a splash, a taste? Looking back she feels for herself in younger days.

If I could touch her where she’s hurting I’d tell her that she’s safe but she’s not broken I’m not old enough to meet her on her page.

Fountains of youth, nearby