Self Love Before You Meet Your Fitness and Nutrition Goals

If you’re like me, your relationship with food and physical activity is constantly evolving! There is nothing wrong with setting goals but if we wait to love ourselves until we meet them we are missing out on our ultimate goal of self-love, peace and happiness that can be shared with others. Here are three quick tips to help you love yourself at every stage of your journey and meet your health goals!

1. Drink a lot of water. Water works to help your body communicate on all levels including communication with you on what it actually wants you to eat! This eliminates the problem of having to fight cravings or make food choices that are not what your mind wants. Drink tons of water, way too much water! You will be able to hear direction that fell on deaf ears before.

2. Honor your body, your mind and your emotions by thanking them for nourishing you in every way that they have been able to. When we eat for comfort we are still nourishing ourselves. We are saying, “Hey, I see that you need some love and this is how I know how to give it to you.” Be gentle with yourself as you learn new ways to give yourself love!

3. Take the conscious opportunity to think differently when your body image issues arise. You are in a position of power! You have a voice! You can be a person with a body who doesn’t look like it jumped out of a magazine who LOVES and honors that body on every step of your journey. You can be vocal about it and inspire others! This might be a great way to feel good as you go and to connect with others who will offer you love and support that you can return. 

You’re doing great. We all are working with this, regardless of what we look like. Keep at it and you will surely meet and then exceed your expectations for health and longevity.