Happy Birthday to my Sweet Babe!

On the day you were born… love streamed through the blinds and touched you upon arrival. Your sweet smell will never leave me. Although you’ve grown to reflect so much more now, the blueprint of divinity that you brought us is sound. We see you in the way the trees move in winter and we feel you in the softness of a quiet snowfall. We remember our time waiting. And in your eyes we find ourselves renewed, again and again, forever. You are one now. And soon you will be more but time will not shift you at your core my sweet baby. You will always remain innocence, purity, love. And although you and I are two now in form, we are one in formlessness. And in your creation your Dada and I returned to oneness again. Thank you for the gifts you bring us, thank you for being here my sweet baby, thank you for being you.  Mama – Poem at year one


“On the day you were born, the sun came up late. The air was cold but the water was warm. Dada’s hands helped me through the pain and you came gently. I turned inside of myself to find you and came into this world again as your mother. Anew. Reborn. Ecstatic to see your sweet face and hear your sweet voice. My boy, whatever you may be in this life to anyone else, I know you. I see the love in your eyes that made you. Wherever you may go in this life you’ll have us, your family. 


Birth Photo Album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155514331459835&type=1&l=7d18af2ad6