Freestyle Songwriting

A peek at what it currently looks like for me to create a song from an open/receptive/meditative/channel state. I’m always so excited to see what comes out! It’s been difficult for me to relax enough to let words flow without having a plan for how they’ll fit together, what they mean and what the overarching message is. I’ve been practicing this state for some time now in a variety of settings artistic and otherwise. It’s getting easier for me and it’s getting to be SO much more fun!

I am now writing songs each day from this state and they often come much more quickly than this. Sometimes I actually hear the lyrics and melody and instrumental accompaniment (which includes everything from acoustic guitar to a full orchestra) BEFORE I allow anything to come out of my mouth or hand if I am writing. Sometimes, it comes like this, piece by piece. I first noticed I was able to hear music and lyrics in my dreams and in the state right between sleep and wakefulness. I made a practice getting comfortable and familiar with and increasing the frequency in which I was in that “between worlds” state. I started to notice that I experienced a similar receptive state during meditation as my practice evolved. Then, I began to learn to cultivate the receptive state in my “regular” waking life. This paired with the “flow state” I had been familiar with since childhood when inspired songs, writing and other artwork would just “come” to me effortlessly. I am now at the point where I can consciously choose to create from this channeling state. It has been a life long goal of mine to freestyle rap.

I remember being in the hallways of my middle school watching and listening as a group of my friends* freestyled and being amazed at the poetry of the words as they painted concepts, the rhythm as it unfolded so organically and how each player in the circle played off of the others. I believed it was just something that some of us have and that some of us don’t and that since I was unable to do it at the time, I had no hope of learning. It wasn’t until young adulthood that I changed my mind and opened myself up to remembering how to relax enough that the freestyle state of consciousness would become available to me. It wasn’t until I picked up momentum on my spiritual awakening journey, my remembrance of self and my true nature, that I realized the freestyle state was rightfully mine.¬†This is the same expanded state that I work from when I do energy healing and psychic readings.

I love writing this way, I love listening to what I created after the fact and realizing that there is layers upon layers of meaning that comes from so deep in my being that I would never have been able to “think” it into creation. I know that freestyle rapping is on the horizon for me and that confidence is the only thing I am working on to get there. It’s all about allowing and I am remembering how to do that more and more in every moment. I am remembering that I am safe and that I belong to this universe just as it belongs to me, we are one and I am a limitless, infinite creative being.

*Xavier Bradley “Exxe”, Dan Dean and Matt Dean – Thanks for sharing your gifts and passions from a young age. You were all huge influences in my creative and spiritual journey in multiple ways.