It Does Not Matter What Others Think of Me

“It does not matter what others think of me.”

Each of us is a perspective, a “space” through which experiences flow. We are not our bodies, we are not our minds, we are the ONE who experiences through these means. Our highest-selves are ONE being, and this is what I mean when I say that we are God, we are Source, we are the Universe. When I consider what another person thinks of my self-expression (action*) not only am I not really adopting their perspective, I am considering the perspective of their smallest-self and not their higher-self. Not only am I thinking  my own thoughts about what I assume their perception of me to be, I am considering the perspective of the part of them that is unaware of MY true nature and THEIR true nature and the fact that those are both actually the same energy. Why limit our decisions to please part of us or another that is unaware of our true nature? If we are to wake up to our true nature, to our infinite potential, to the magic that each of us holds, we must recognize the fear and judgement that we produce in thoughts and that others produce in thoughts. We must look at it, we must call it what it is, limitation, and we must CHOOSE to make decisions without considering it. In each moment we must choose and then in the next, choose again. We have endless opportunities to reclaim our power through choice. This is how we return to being guided by our intuition (love). This is how we create a world that is healthy, peaceful, loving and balanced.

We are never too far from our source to return to it, there is, in fact, nothing to return to and nowhere to go. We ARE source energy. We ARE God. Every right that God has, every power that God has, we have. God (the Universe) creates through us. WE are conscious creators and we hold the full creative power of God through the choices that we make.

So, when we recognize that we have an opportunity to make the choice to either express ourselves in the way that feels good in our heart OR to limit that expression and express ourselves based on what we think others want, know this: What others TRULY want, on the highest level of their selves, is for us to express ourselves uninhibited by fear and judgement. If others disapprove of your heart-centered action (self-expression) look past that level of their being and know that you are serving their highest level of being and in doing that you are bringing their awareness in this state up to meet the awareness of their highest state. In expressing yourself fully you are remembering who you are and you are helping others remember who they are.

We have one purpose here in this life: to express ourselves. If something keeps you from doing that then trust that it is not important enough for you to listen to, it’s not important enough to guide your action.

With that said, one of the greatest gifts we have is each other. It’s infinitely valuable to get feedback from each other BUT be aware of where that feedback is coming from. It’s coming from fear, judgement and limitation, don’t allow it to influence you. Choose to let it go and act beyond it. If it’s coming from the heart, from love, from a person’s highest-self and state of being, then by all means, let it lift you up close to your truth. The only way to know where it’s coming from is to be in tune with your own self, the the thoughts you have and the actions you take. When you can act from your own heart (intuition) you can feel when the feedback of others is based in the same place. This is what is meant by a person, action or experience being in “alignment” with your “highest-good”.

So, when I find myself asking, “how will this be received”, I stop myself and change the question to, “Does this feel good in my heart?” When I let my heart (intuition) guide me the outcome is always the best possible outcome. Always.


*Action includes words. The act of speaking and writing is action. All self-expression is action and all action is self-expression and thus the two terms are synonymous. Action that is heart-centered is the expression of our highest-self. It is also possible to take action that is limited to lower levels of our understanding (awareness).