Psychic Realization Series (#1)

About this series: This is a series of posts noting realizations in my psychic development. I will use them to attempt to explain what I am experiencing, both for my own growth and for the growth of the reader who resonates with my experience. As with all realizations, nothing is a conclusion, all “knowing” continues to transform. These are like landmarks in my journey and are representative of the concepts I am exploring in my life. Also worth noting, these are not things that I am learning from other people. Not to say I haven’t read/heard about these concepts. These are things that are true for me. These concepts will expand, become more, take on new or deeper meaning, bring me to greater understanding, expand my consciousness and the collective consciousnesses further and reflect on and explain themselves further in my life as they are now a part of my awareness. New miracles will ride on these shoulders.

#1. Lack is an illusion.

There is no “isn’t”. All that exists is what is. Lack is a thought – which means it is an illusion.