Today’s the day…

I know the day is coming where the conversations will become real. The videos I watch and the books I read, the websites I visit and the speakers I listen to… they are unaware of me. I am silent, listening but now I am ready to speak. Who would like to speak with me? Who is experiencing this reality like I am? I know there are others like me. There have been so many times in my life that I’ve had to transition through thinking I could be crazy, I could be wrong, I could fail miserably and have the magic crushed out of my spirit. It is my greatest fear – having to give up on magic. Yet, the evidence has come to meet me time and time again, without fail, proving to me that I am not crazy, I am a pioneer in a way of thinking and a way of being that is new to most of humanity. I’m not afraid anymore. I am 100% committed to living my truth. It sucks when others don’t believe in me, it’s difficult to stand tall in the face of their fear but I have guidance in my heart that lifts me up to my truth whenever I fall. I am so excited to share the miracles that will come through me. I am ready to connect with others like me. So, come to me if you believe that literally, I mean LITERALLY, anything is possible.

Let’s Goooooooooo! 😉

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