My consciousness, or, rather the consciousness that is me, does not exist in space or time.

I’ll expand on this: I am having increasingly more experiences, moments of awareness, in each day, that show me this. In these moments my perspective is pulled away from the illusion that is: I am MY body, MY mind, MY thoughts: in to a larger perspective where these things don’t hold my identity but rather are just pieces of my experience. In this larger perspective I see/feel/know that all of my experiences are happening in the space created by my larger awareness. It’s not really a space but for lack of a deeper understanding and better term, I’ll use the word, “space”, to describe it because that is what it feels like. This space is empty and everything moves through it in a constantly shifting flow. So, for example, when I experience a sensation, such as pain, in my body, I no longer experience it as being located IN my body, it’s in the space that is my larger awareness. When I experience a thought I can just watch it, watch the emotions that it is associated with and experience the sensation that is the physical/energetic manifestation of that emotion. I  can choose whether or not to engage with the thought further and can choose to either watch the energy flow in my body, or manipulate it with my intention. Who is that chooses that? Who is that experiences these things including this body and this mind and this narrowed, individualized perspective? Who is it who asks these questions and who is it that really knows? Who is it that answers? All of the questions I ask are always really just asking one thing: Who am I… Really?

I’m working on figuring out the words to express this. I’ll get better with that as this becomes more of a normal state of experiencing for me as I do believe it will because it’s becoming more and more normal for me and I am now able to access it at will at most times that I choose to.

“That name on that birth certificate, that ain’t the real me.” – Jay Electronica (song: Better In Tune With the Infinite)